Project bluebeam

Project bluebeam, 1994 serge monast talk explaining nasa's project blue beam http://educate-yourselforg/cn/sergemonast1994transcriptshtml ca 1994 1994 serge monast transcript.

Donald marshall - well they have 2 ways to pull bluebeam plan one, by saying the smaller vrill (bad reps lol) have saucers too and the pleadians the good ones. Anyone who spends anytime looking into the ufo phenomena has probably seen the words project blue beam - often misspelled. Project blue beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that nasa is attempting to implement a new age religion with the antichrist at its head and start a new world. Following is the transcript of a taped presentation by serge monast, a french-speaking canadian journalist although there was no date on the tape, monast speaks of. The prime directive: project blue beam the ultimate false flag i previously did a series on current or recent tv shows that fall into the category of predictive. Monday, february 22, 2016 (before it's news) the world sets poised to go to war, the next war to end all wars only this time, it might be true but what if the next.

How can the answer be improved.  · the infamous nasa blue beam project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the antichrist at its head we must remember. Project blue beam - the government's attempt to use of holograms to project religious visions, aliens, etchas actually been documented. Technology project blue beam conspiracy theory suggests nasa has secret plans to create new world order a conspiracy theory.

Bluebeam, inc, pasadena, california i just completed my first paperless project and used bluebeam to do so, how awesome all my subs had no problem picking. Attention music fans microsoft store will stop selling music on dec 31 download your tracks and read our faq for more info. Bluebeam may refer to: bluebeam software, inc project blue beam, a conspiracy theory put forward by serge monast.

Spread the love by gregg prescott, ms editor, in5dcom what is project bluebeam project bluebeam is a four step process that has an end result on a one. The watcher files - exposing aliens, reptilians, humans who are possessed and controlled by them, government black operations. Haarp & blue beam how would you feel if you were informed that the government created a technologically advanced piece of equipment that could manipulate mother. The infamous nasa [national aeronautics and space administration] blue beam project has four different.

Bluebeam is ideal for major construction projects their intelligent pdfs allow for superior document control, distribution and management, accelerating project. Serge monast and another journalist, both of whom were researching project blue beam, died of heart attacks within weeks of each other although.

Project bluebeam
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