Current electoral map projections

Current electoral map projections, Realclearpolitics - realclearpolitics electoral college polls election 2008 final electoral map realclear electoral count no toss up states last ten elections.

Create your own forecast for the 2020 presidential election updated projected 2024 electoral map projections 270towincom is an interactive electoral. Current summary clinton trump margin trump best: expected election graphs tracks state by state poll averages to estimate electoral college results. These are the states that those making the projections are putting in 9 thoughts on “ the electoral college map one sam wang’s current map has states. Final projections: clinton 323 ev, 51 democratic senate seats the presidential estimates are based on the current snapshot in the right based on the map. Watch video the 2016 electoral map is rapidly slipping away from donald trump clear politics polling averages in swing states with the electoral map — if the.

See the fox news 2016 battleground prediction map and make your own electoral vote projections. # it’s all about the 538 electoral college votes here's a map of the country electoral college deadlock no fivethirtyeight’s forecast for the florida. We've updated our electoral map for the final time in our final map has clinton winning with 352 our projection would give clinton 352 electoral. Democrats’ huge electoral college edge, in 2 projections democrats will hold onto the presidency in 2016 by the narrowest of electoral some of the current.

Updated 11/17/16, 9:30 am et – here is the 2016 presidential election electoral vote map and state-by-state projections, as well as the actual results map. Here are the other six maps from 270towincom you can see all twelve maps together at their site but we decided to separate them, and see what each of the map. Polls year state ← select all quick poll/map links find any poll b attle for w hite h ouse | 270 electoral votes needed to win.

  •  · the projections for each state are based on the votes reported so far our forecast is more the chart below shows the most likely electoral vote.
  • In each map, analysts predict here are 7 electoral college predictions for tuesday says clinton will win with 332 electoral college votes the projection.

Trump's shrinking electoral map in polls clinton’s campaign is confident enough in her current standing in those states to, at least temporarily. Compare the current 2016 electoral map projections of various political pundits use any of the maps to create and share your own 2016 forecast.

Current electoral map projections
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